To become a partner
We are excited to invite you to become a partner of the Bali International Inclusive Dance Festival.

Our project is aimed at supporting talented dancers with disabilities. Inclusive dance is a creative collaboration of persons with and without disabilities. Our goal is to bring together inclusive creative collectives from all over the world to develop a welcoming environment based on the ideas of tolerance, friendship, equality and unlimited potential of everyone.

The Bali International Inclusive Dance Festival will be held in two rounds. Round 1 will be the International Open Inclusive Dance Online Contest. The online format will allow dance teams from everywhere in the world to join the competition. We are expecting more than 1,000 dancers to participate. The Contest will be held live on 24 June, 2023. Thousands of people will be able to see the broadcast and discover the best inclusive dance performances. Different languages, different cultures, different dance styles, different ages and formats. It will be a real international festival of dance and kindness, uniting the whole world!

Round 2 will be held in Bali, Indonesia, on 17-19 August, 2023. It will include workshops by experts, performances in various venues of the island and will end with a wonderful Gala Concert. Our onsite participants will have a chance to experience creative interchange and discover the culture, nature and spiritual traditions of Bali. We expect to receive about 200 dancers including local creative groups. The audience of the event will be more than 1,000 people. The Gala Concert is a unique inclusive dance show made at the highest standard. It is intended to demonstrate that people with disabilities can create real masterpieces worthy of the world’s best venues.

You will find more information about the Festival at our official website

The Festival is organized by the World Inclusive Dance Association (WIDA),, which brings together best experts and scholars in the field of inclusive dance and choreography. We organize major inclusive events all over the world, uniting countries and continents.

We are looking for partners who share our values (inclusion and compassion, culture and art) and willing to support events involving persons with disabilities. This can be informational, financial or volunteer help. The Festival participants pay no organizational fees, and the event is also free for its viewers.

The Festival partners will be mentioned during the events, their logos will be displayed on all the merchandise and Internet resources of the Festival. The partners can send their representatives to take part in the Festival activities and congratulate the contestants in person.

We are open to various formats of interaction and build relationships on the principles of transparency, mutual respect and trust.

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